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 GigaHealth is focused on helping dental offices increase revenues, decrease costs and raise patient satisfaction through better business management using proprietary, cloud based data analytic tools.

GigaHealth enables dental group practices, dental offices, and clinical and business dental managers, to get access to and make use of the relevant EHR information, and the transaction business level information, needed to run an efficient, secure practice.

View a sample report and see the variety of capabilities in the menu selections

There are 100 different reports, internal messaging system, bonus system forms, pto tracker / with automatic vacation hours calculated on various criteria, temporary crown tracking, insurance company directory, patient dental assistance savings plan and more in the system.

One client wrote, "The cloud based, data analytic tools for dentists is a must have for any large or growing practice. We have multiple locations and it gives me vital information all in one place that saves me at least 5 hours a week. I am able to use this site for calculating payroll, bonuses, customizable monthly reports, and so much more. The software integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks and Dentrix to make management so much easier. I would highly recommend this product!"

Currently supported Practice Management Systems and Accounting:

  • Dentrix g4, g5, g6
  • Eaglesoft 17, 18
  • Open Dental 15
  • Quickbooks using cash or accrual accounting


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      Dentists use one of a variety of dental practice management systems to run their business. The basic functionality of such systems are:
  • Scheduling patients
  • managing patient data, including insurance benefits
  • charting teeth / exams
  • working up treatment plans
  • general ledger
  • provider / procedure tracking and logging
  • managing digital x-rays and intra-oral images

      These are primarily created and centered around CLINICAL SOLUTIONS.


      The shortcomings or deficiencies of these systems are:

  • Practice management Systems are usually NOT made to solve BUSINESS problems
  • Business Reports are limited, slow, and often inaccurate
  • All business reports are limited to a single office
  • No equipment / warranty tracking
  • No lab case tracking (most offices use dry erase markers and whiteboards)
  • No temporary crown tracking
  • No patient savings plans
  • Document management is very slow, and difficult to manage, and impossible to access remotely
  • Most access is restricted to use only locally from inside the office – remote access is difficult, slow and limited
  • No bonus / incentive system implementation is possible
  • No payroll calculations
  • Intra + inter office communication is non-existant or difficult to use
  • No Quickbooks information is available to compare deposits to collections, Or compare different types of payments (credit, checks, cash, insurance payments, etc) to track the money - Which is why the average dental office is being embezzled.
  • It has been reported that the average embezzlement amount from a dental practice is over $100,000, and that about half of all offices are being embezzled to some degree. David Harris of Prosperident is the #1 authority on dental embezzlement, and has contributed directly to several reports that “follow the money”.
  • Employees had no visibility into office costs, or how their actions contribute to the profitability
  • Consolidating any information from multiple offices is impossible.
  • No Dr. availability / vacation scheduling
  • No vacation / PTO tracking or automation
  • Slow, slow, slow system response times
  • Usually no access on phones, tablets, macs and must install software on a windows pc to access anything.


      The benefits of having a solution to these shortcomings or deficiencies are:

  • Visibility of the business of the office to managers and/or employees.
  • Access to information, reports and metrics that are not implemented, or impossible to implement
  • BIG time savings
  • all-in-one portal for all information in the enterprise
  • HUGE Money savings – you cannot track the money if you can’t see it properly
  • Secure access from anywhere through firewalls, and data encryption
  • Instant access on any device with a browser and internet access- mac, windows, linux, phone, tablets
  • NO software installs, upgrades, or compatibility issues
  • VERY FAST – due to pre-processed data instead of endless re-calculations, and optimized code on dedicated servers.


      The value of a solution is:

  • priceless
  • entire office works as a team
  • individuals strive for more in the friendly competitive environment created by ranking


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